Looker is a complete Data Analytics Platform that simplifies the way developers and data stakeholders analyze their data. Nine Boards offers end to end Looker implementation services.

Gain complete visibility across functions with Looker driven analytics. Looker is a comprehensive data platform which offers data analytics and insights for every department within your organization.

Looker is a complete Data Analytics Platform that simplifies the way businesses analyze their data. Looker’s agile modeling layer defines set of reusable attributes and metrics that ensures continuity and streamlines development process. The Looker platform is designed for the Cloud and it primarily focuses on accessibility and collaboration. 

Nineboards provides Looker implementation services enabling organizations to make better decisions by transforming raw data into actionable reports and visualizations. Nineboards has a team of experienced Looker consultants and developers who will provide you the right direction of using the Looker platform to its maximum capability and help create an environment of Looker driven analytics in your organization.

Key Capabilities


Looker platform is highly data-driven where data access and analysis is the key functionality. You can easily integrate with all your data sources and derive powerful insights that enable better decision making.


Connect Looker to any database that supports SQL queries and automate LookML models. Looker’s intuitive integration capabilities enable it to plug into any existing enterprise database and build on top of it using LookML data modeling layer.

Pre-built Blocks

You can gain access to number of pre-built pieces of code and accelerate your analytics. Start with a pre-defined block and customize it according to your needs and gain immediate insights into your data.

Dashboards & Visualizations

Looker’s data visualization tools allow deeper analysis of live, accurate, and row-level data that drives your business. Build live, interactive, and dynamic, dashboards and dig deeper into the underlying data.

Looker Actions

Take real-time actions on trends you discover and share it with the rest of your company instantly. Automatically schedule reports and share it with your teams.

Nineboards offers end to end Looker implementation services ranging from landscape assessment, business requirements gathering, implementation, data model design, data integration, report development, embedded analytics, and detailed end user training. Contact us today to learn more about our services.

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