SAP Business One

An end-to-end integrated software solution for small and medium business.SAP Business One version 10 provides a comprehensive business management solution for small and medium sized businesses and helps integrate all the business functions under one roof.


With SAP Business One Version 10 you can:

  • Use the UI/UX resources of SAP’s award-winning user experience and get the best enterprise UX in the industry.
  • Automate and streamline processes.
  • Gain complete control over your finance, sales and operations.
  • Gain real time insights and act on timely information.
  • Enhanced analytical capabilities leveraging HANA 2.0
  • New Integration framework 2.0 and additional scenarios Automate and streamline processes.
  • Accelerate profitable growth.

Why Choose SAP Business One?

SAP Business One gives you a comprehensive platform that helps transform the way you work. Any information you need about any of your business function will be just one click away.



Has a low total cost of ownership (TCO) and is very affordable for SMBs.


Grows along with your company.

Industry Specific

Pre-built and tailored to suit your industry specific needs.


SAP Business One solution with SAP HANA boosts performance.

On Premise/Cloud

Has both on premise and cloud solution based on your need.

We’ll Show You How It’s Done

At Nineboards, we provide our expertise and insights to implement SAP Business One solutions for your business landscape. Our team of experts at Nineboards can help with the following:
  • Installation/Implementation/Upgrade – Assess your current business landscape and find optimal methods to implement end-to-end SAP Business One solutions.
  • User Training – Empower your workforce by providing end user training.
  • Support – On going support for all your needs.
  • Custom Solutions – Tailor made Add-ons for your specific business requirements.

Here Are The Reasons To Choose Nine Boards For SAP Business One Implementation

Nine Boards provides consulting services that enable clients to grasp SAP’s Business One strategy and build a SAP Business One implementation roadmap.

SAP Business One upgrade from SQL to HANA.

  • Assessment and planning
  • Landscape upgrade approach – pros and cons
  • Upgrades across versions
  • Business continuity and safeguarding

SAP Business One Installation & Modeling

  • Installation, configuration, and provisioning
  • Base table modeling and optimization
  • Content modeling: Attribute, analytical, calculation views

Real-Time Analytics

  • Data Modeling and Transformation
  • Integration with backend Data sources
  • Front end integration with Power BI, Tableau, or SAP Analytics Cloud

Custom SAP Fiori Apps for SAP Business One


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