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Often when we want to analyze large amounts of data, we use the table component for the analysis. However, the table component in SAP Analytics Cloud has a limitation of 500 rows. When we load a data source which is more than 500 rows, it throws an error message. In this blog, we have explained how we can fix this issue and increase the limit of the table component.

Below are the steps we followed:

  • Login to SAP Analytics Cloud and create a new story


  • Add the table component to your story, select a data source and Click OK. Here I have used a sample data source containing 2000 rows.


  • Select all the dimensions and measures that you want to display on the table.


  • As you can see, the data is limited to the 500 rows.


  • To increase the row limit, hover over the warning symbol on the top left corner of the table and click on “Edit Drill Limitation”


  • Select the “Custom” option and increase the number of rows to your required limit. In this example, I have set it to 2000. Click OK.


  • Now your row limit gets extended to 2000 and the table displays all the 2000 rows of data.


Thus, we can increase the row limits for a table component in SAP Analytics Cloud. When increasing the row limits, SAP Analytics Cloud automatically updates the maximum number of columns that can be optimally displayed for the particular row size. This is mainly to preserve the aspect ratio and help load the data faster. In case we want to change the maximum number of columns, we can do so by unchecking the “preserve aspect ratio” check box. This workaround comes very handy for analysis of large datasets using the table component.

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