Integrating R visuals in SAP Analytics Cloud

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Now a days, all BI tools have an option to integrate R programming visuals to help data analysts create visualizations and develop complex models and calculations. In this blog, we are going to discuss as to how we can integrate and use R in SAP analytics cloud. With R in SAP Analytics Cloud, you can: […]

Adding an Error Bar to Charts in SAP Analytics Cloud

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Businesses often work with large number of data points to perform analysis and take important decisions. Collecting billions of data points and analyzing a sample of it through graphical representations can be difficult and at times misleading as well. The most common approach to solve this problem is to use a measure of variability using […]

Getting started with Value Driver Tree (VDT)

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Budgeting and Forecasting is an integral part of any business. Often while forecasting values, we would have several questions like – what will happen to my sales if I add a 30% discount during this time of the year or what if the growth rate increases by x% instead of y% etc. etc.  This is […]

Creating Planning Models in SAP Analytics Cloud

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One of the best features of SAP Analytics Cloud is that it provides BI capabilities, Predictive analysis and Planning capabilities in one single integrated platform – basically the best of all (possible) worlds. Planning is one of the most important features in SAP Analytics Cloud. Planning models typically allows you to do everything that analytical […]

Linked Analysis (SAP Analytics Cloud)

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Linked analysis is an useful feature that allows you to dynamically interact with data. When you filter or drill down data in one chart within your story, you can trigger actions in the other related charts or tables. In this blog, I have explained the step by step procedure as to how you can create […]