Setting up High availability for SAP Cloud Connector – 2.12

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The SAP Cloud Connector provides a secure tunnel between SAP Cloud Platform applications and on-premise systems. It runs as a reverse invoke proxy between the on-premise network and the SAP Cloud Platform


To setup high availability for SAP Cloud Connector you need two SAP Cloud Connectors installed, After the installation of SAP Cloud Connector when you login for the first time you are asked if you want to set up a master or shadow system. Select master for first installed SAP Cloud Connector and select shadow for the second installed SAP Cloud Connector.


Follow the below steps after installing master and shadow Cloud Connectors

Click on the Enable button to enable high availability in the master SAP Cloud Connector, this will make master instance allow the connection from shadow instance

Now login to shadow connector and click on edit option to enter master instance host and port number


Save it.


Now you are ready to connect to master instance. Click on Connect button.

You are prompted for the username and password of the master instance, enter the credentials and click ok


You might get below error (Cloud Connector on <host> does not respond. Check host and port and ensure that the cloud connector is running) as in image while connecting from shadow instance to master instance

Please follow the steps as mention in this SAP note 2974161 to resolve the above issue

You should be able to see the mirrored connections when you click “Mirrored Subaccounts”:

You can also switch master instance to shadow instance by clicking on switch button

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