Tableau vs. Power BI vs. Looker – Which tool is better for your Business?

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With so many key players in the market, one important question that needs to be addressed is – Which Business Intelligence (BI)  tool is better for my business? In this blog, we compare three of the market leaders in BI – Tableau, Power BI and Looker. These reporting platforms have been compared across different features […]

SAP HANA Integration with Looker

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Looker is a Business Intelligence platform that empowers organizations to create powerful data experiences and get more value out of their data. The data in Looker is modeled using LookML which is one of the key differentiating features of Looker. With LookML, you can define the relationships between datasets and explore the data directly thus […]

SAP Analytics Cloud – Lifecycle Management Process

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Customers may want to have one tenant systems per data source environment, i.e. to have a development, test, and production tenants of SAP Analytics Cloud connected to development, test, and production BW/HANA/BPC systems. This blog presents key highlights to setup a two-system landscape (Test and Production Systems) for SAP Analytics Cloud, and the recommended Lifecycle […]

SAP Analytics Cloud and SAP Analysis for Office Integration

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SAP has announced the BI Convergence Strategy in their latest roadmap and it looks like SAP Analytics Cloud is going to be the primary solution for data discovery.  With SAP focusing on their new data discovery investments with SAP Analytics Cloud, down the road we would have a one-stop solution that integrates with both on […]

Column/row limitation in Table component – SAP Analytics Cloud

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Often when we want to analyze large amounts of data, we use the table component for the analysis. However, the table component in SAP Analytics Cloud has a limitation of 500 rows. When we load a data source which is more than 500 rows, it throws an error message. In this blog, we have explained […]