Power BI Embedded into External Applications – Part 2

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Power BI is one of the best platforms for data visualizations. Embedding Power BI reports and dashboards in other applications enables you to extend the capabilities of the platform and deliver more value to end users. Now that we have seen how to embed the Power BI report using the RLS feature (check out our […]

Power BI Embedded with Dynamic RLS – Part 1

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Embedding dashboards/reports and visualizations into your applications facilitates more data driven insights and adds more value to your applications, portals and services. Recently, we assisted one of our clients embed a Power BI report into another web application and restrict the data in the report to a specific user group. In this blog we have […]

Dynamic Row Level Security in Power BI

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Data security is a critical aspect in any business intelligence tool. Companies have to make sure that their data is secure (both internally and externally). One way to secure data is by using dynamic row-level security wherein the data access is restricted only to a particular user or a group of users – for eg; […]

Custom Themes in Power BI

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Color themes are one of the most important aspects of a dashboard/report.  Colors help setting a context, correlate information and draw attention to key indicators. When a dashboard / report uses colors from a business’ logo or brand, it evokes an instant emotional connection to its data stories. Power BI comes with a variety of […]

Integrating R visuals in SAP Analytics Cloud

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Now a days, all BI tools have an option to integrate R programming visuals to help data analysts create visualizations and develop complex models and calculations. In this blog, we are going to discuss as to how we can integrate and use R in SAP analytics cloud. With R in SAP Analytics Cloud, you can: […]